The National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) was established at the end of 2010 with an objective to develop scientific capabilities in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, Badia research and any other research interest of importance to Jordan. The Center assumed the responsibility over already existing centers and programs in the areas mentioned above. All legal, financial and administrative issues have been transferred to the Center. This arrangement provides an opportunity to maximize the utilization of facilities and the coordination of efforts in order to effectively participate in solving problems facing the various economic sectors.

It is envisaged that NCRD will lead research activities in Jordan. This requires the prioritization of research fields, coordination of efforts, alleviation of obstacles and provision of logistical and financial support in order to reach research results that solve problems and develop new products and/or services in all industrial, agricultural, commercial and administrative fields. It is also anticipated that NCRD will participate in translating research results into new projects and investments, and create new employment opportunities.

The Organizational Structure of The National Center for Research and Development